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Fahey Property Management Ltd is a Auckland ,Napier, Havelock North, Hastings and Hamilton Residential Property Management. If you are looking for someone to manage your investment or need a rental property in Auckland or Hamilton please give us a call.

Advice for Hiring the Right Property Managers for your Rental in Auckland

For those of you who are thinking about acquiring an investment property it is important to understand that there is more to managing a property than collecting rent and organising … Continue reading

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Fahey Property Management Auckland Shares Tips for Property Owners

In today’s competitive rental market, property managers work hard to keep rental properties modern and fresh to attract prospective tenants. A property cannot be rent-ready if it isn’t clean and … Continue reading

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Tips on Staging Your Home for Rent

Are you having trouble renting or selling your house? Property management Auckland companies know that staging a home the right way is the key to selling it quickly. Make it more attractive … Continue reading

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Repairmen and Contractors for Your Rental Property

Are you looking for reliable contractors who can help you repair and maintain your rental property? Here are a few things that you must go through before hiring a contractor for … Continue reading

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Avoiding Bad Tenants For Your Rental Poperty

Evicting bad tenants can  be costly. The process can be time-consuming as well as very frustrating. All landlords want to avoid bad tenants, which is why it is imperative that … Continue reading

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Rental properties – DIY vs. Professional Property Management

Being a landlord isn’t easy, especially if you have a day job. There are times when rental property owners, in an effort to save money, attempt to manage their rental … Continue reading

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Fahey Property Management Partners with EpsomTax

“No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.” – John Donne Fahey Property Management is now a … Continue reading

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Tenant Screening for Hamilton Rental Properties

No landlord ever wants a bad tenant, but unfortunately a lot of times rental property owners end up with tenants who may not be ideal. There may be a bunch … Continue reading

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Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs

A huge part of a property manager’s responsibilities is to administer the ongoing maintenance and repairs of the rental property that they manage. This includes actions like getting quotes for property … Continue reading

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What Can A Reliable Property Management Company Do For You

Wondering what services you should expect from your property manager? Let us help you! The property management services that any property manager provides depend on the kind of property that is being managed. … Continue reading

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